DMV Statement of Facts – What are they?

DMV forms are crucial in the life of motor vehicle owners. They are usually offered by the Department of motor vehicles. With this in mind, it is vital that each and every vehicle owner knows various DMV statement of facts.

Many would surely like to know – what is this statement of facts all about? DMV forms are dubbed as a legal document necessary to show factual information connected to the vehicle it represents. What is written there cannot be questioned. With that said, it can be assumed that the document may stand for its own. This is a must in the filing. When it comes to this, vehicle registration has to be taken into account. It has been observed that this is ideal to offer applications different sorts of options. This is what Statement of Facts is. The owner is also given the opportunity to select what fits his own status.

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The Real Purpose

As far as paperwork is in the picture, the aforementioned form should be taken seriously. This is an inevitable part of vehicle registration. It should be the applicant in-charged in filling it up. Like any other forms, there are various boxes found in the form. These are meant to indicate and show the information which were honestly stated by the owner. They have to be true of course. If not, the owner may be put into big trouble. This is the least thing driver needs, right?

A myriad of statement of facts exist today. These are available in various numbers and they usually have an allotted aim and purpose. For example, there goes the Tax Exemption Statement. Aside from this, the Smog Exemption Statement may also be come across. Among the remaining kinds are the Title Only Statement, Widow Decal for Wheelchair Lift, and the Vehicle Body Change Statement. All of these come with their own purpose. Prior to pursuing one, owners have to know what is suitable to their needs. Assistance may also be asked just in case a part appears to be cloudy, or vague.

Now one of the big questions is – when is the form needed? Usually, this will depend upon the call of a DMV technician.  There is a right time for it. It will also help to know the other documents required or needed in the job.

Other Questions about Statement of Facts

There might be those wondering – is there a need for a Statement of Facts form whenever an accident has to be reported? The answer is no. The form does not work in that purpose. Well, at least this is the case in the United States. There are just countries in Europe though that utilize such form. They use it for the reports of accidents if applicable. However, in the US, it is not really a common practice for them. These forms are only utilized for legal documents and proceedings. The said accident report may also be an instrument to record accident details.