Anaconda Snake Facts – More than just scary creatures

Anacondas are considered to be dreadful. However, there is more to them than fear. These can be found on South America, among its Amazon jungles. They are categorized in the family of Boa Constrictor. These Anacondas can survive in swamps, lakes and as well as rivers. They can also live without anyone. Whenever they are put to danger, they seek water as some sort of protection. This is how they deal with it. A tenfold of Anaconda Snake Facts would also state that instead of attacking, they would select to slide and be in the water without getting noticed at all. This is possible too.

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By nature, anacondas devour amphibious animals. Their favorites are toads, frogs, fish, turtles, ducks, birds and caiman. These snake-giants may reach up at least 6.1 meters, or 20 feet. As for their weight, they can be in a maximum of 300 pounds, or 148.5 kg. Anacondas are also unique when it comes to giving birth. They can bear a young and they may do this for around 24 up to 35 times as the maximum.

Up until now, scientists are having a hard time learning about these anacondas. They are not the easiest subject to ever research about. This is not surprising because they can be really quiet. There are instances when they will not leave any trail at all. They can also spend a portion of their lives wallowing in the dark waters. This is how their habitat can be.

Needless to say, anacondas will hold the thrown of being the heaviest and the largest snake there is. Aside from spotting a lot in the Amazon, there are also a massive number of them in Orinoco Rivers. There are four kinds of them. All of them exist today. Even if they are really large, most scientists consider them elusive. They are like this because they will always hide in the waters. It does not even matter if it is dark. There are individuals out there who would hunt for anacondas since their skin are really useful. They are appreciated most especially in the industry of fashion. Good thing, even if they are quite hard to find, they are not endangered species yet.

Throughout their whole life, they can really grow well. Their color are normally in dark green. They can also have rows and black spots. These are located on their backs. Apart from this, they may also have white marks which are visible on their sides. Anacondas will only hunt on the ground. They may also do this whenever they are relaxing in the water. However, most of their lives are spent in the water so that they will be able to move simply and easily. This is how they have always been.

As they stay in the water, the entire body, with the exemption of nostrils, will be submerged too. For around 10 minutes, they may be under the water. They will then go again on the surface so that it will be easy to grab air.